Webtales' development stack for Rubedo

Webtales' development stack for Rubedo

Postby jbourdin » Tue May 28, 2013 10:52 am

For information, this is a summary of our development environments.
None of the licensed products are required, it is just most efficient than free tools in our opinion.

Multiple OS:
Ubuntu 12.04
Windows 7
OS X 10.8.3

Server stack:
Zend Server 6 (License with Zend partnership) => Apache 2.2.x/PHP 5.4.x
MongoDB 2.4.x
Elasticsearch 0.19.x (also tested with 0.20.x, PHP Library not working with 0.9+)
Pear & Phing for components

Development tools:
Zend Studio 10
Git (OS specific install)
Firefox with Zend Studio Toolbar (debug)
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer (only Windows)
Sensha architect 2 (paid license)
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