Rubedo 3.0.0 is released !

Rubedo 3.0.0 is released !

Postby 3AD » Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:57 am

A big Thank You to all of our beta testers !!!
The version 3 release is a major step in the Rubedo roadmap.

A future proof architecture
The front-end architecture has been completely refactored around and a brand new REST API, making sites development faster than ever. This architecture opens new perspectives in mobile development, RIA development and systems interoperability.

Developers, Rubedo will soon become your best friend
In addition this version comes with new, exciting capabilities for developers and webmasters :
- Integration of external themes (combining images, css, js) is now possible from the back-office
- The edition of AngularJS templates (for contents types, blocks, rows and columns) is also available from the back-office

Technical migrations
Rubedo 3.0 is compatible with the latest MongoDB (2.6) and Elasticsearch (1.4) versions
Please note that commerce features will only be available in the next 3.1 version.
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