NEW! 2.1.0 Rubedo

NEW! 2.1.0 Rubedo

Postby 3AD » Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:52 pm

Rubedo 2.1.0 is available.
Download :

This release brings stability and performance improvements and many new features :
- Users : User type management, improved user management interfaces as well as 3 new blocks: “Directory”, “Sign up“ and “User profile” for exploiting these new features in the front end. This is the first brick of upcoming features such as social networking, collaboration and e-commerce.
- Emailing : Building newsletters and newsletter models, layout management, previewing, sending, managing subscriptions and unsubscriptions.
- Search : Fields can now be used as facets, facet order management, simplified and improved query builder
- Multi-database : Rubedo was already capable of managing multiple websites that can share contents, digital assets and users on the same platform. It is now possible to handle websites each with their own dedicated databases (with contents, digital assets and users) on the same instance of Rubedo.
- Data visualization : The new D3 Script block makes it possible to harness the full power of Elasticsearch and the graphical rendering library D3.js.
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